About Prime Cremation

We do cremations more affordably because you are making arrangements DIRECTLY with the crematorium. For those families wanting just a simple cremation, PRIME CREMATION was designed specifically for you. We do it for one low price. Cremation arrangements are made directly with Okanagan Investment Group Crematorium and have been since 1995.

  • Funeral, Memorial or casket burials;
  • Viewings, visitations, dressing of the body, or embalming;
  • Obituaries, guest books, memorial cards, catering or receptions

 We Take a Great Amount of Pride in What We Do

At the time of death PRIME CREMATION will:

  • Transfer the deceased 24 hours a day directly to the crematorium, additional charges will apply for evening, weekends, and holidays;
  • Conveniently complete the final arrangements via our online internet arrangement process, by fax, or emailing to one of our licensed funeral directors;
  • Have the deceased cremated at Okanagan Investment Group Crematorium;
    Provide a variety of additional products such as urns, Death Certificates, notarized Death Certificates, Certificates of Cremation, an Estate Assistance Guide, and keepsake jewellery;
  • We will deliver the death certificates and cremated remains to your location.